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UHAINI is for all readers, regardless of age or background.

The comic book tells poignant stories, inspired by real events, that reflect the realities of life in a working-class neighborhood.

The characters are endearing, the scenarios are rich in emotions and twists.



Mara, the main character, with blue hair, is introverted from the start, but gets a little more confident with his buddies. Reliable and straightforward, he wouldn’t hesitate to kill for his own. His love for sports and his family of buddies is unwavering.


Oray, a former basketball player whose career was halted by a conviction, hangs around and has connections left and right. It doesn’t take him long to figure things out.


Ber-b, the quiet force of the group, is a gaming addict, with multiple phones to run multiple games at once. He also loves old school rap.


Koza, the neighborhood big shot, is sharp in business, money-hungry and uncompromising with the slightest outburst. He hits before he thinks.

Parcero Sasa

Parcero, unlike many people, doesn’t claim to be from the neighborhood and does everything to keep it quiet. He behaves like a bourge to distinguish himself.


Djo is Djo.


Ozgur, a Fenerbache fan, is a real neighborhood guy who gets off to a fast start.


Fuji is a vicious and devious character who likes to get into fights in groups, but stops drinking every two weeks to give himself an image of resolution.


Nidhal, Koza’s partner, is an inveterate smoker who only thinks about money and business. Fatalistic and sarcastic, he smokes whatever happens and counts again and again.



January 2021
Comic book script
July 2021
Shading of the comic
November 2021
Comic quality control
February 2022
Translation of the comic into Dutch
April 2021
Creation of the drawings of the comic
September 2021
Coloring of the comic
January 2022
Printing of the French version of the comic
April 2022
Printing of the Dutch version of the comic


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